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I offer a limited number of brand sponsorships in my weekly Freelance Cake newsletter.

Through sponsorship, you'll be getting in front of freelancers, consultants, creators, coaches, and other solopreneurs who subscribe because they want to grow their businesses in meaningful ways: more income, better clients, more interesting projects, better work-life harmony, better efficiency, and more time spent on other passions and pursuits.

You catch my drift... What’s the point of all the extra money if you’re too busy to enjoy it? 

People in my audience care about doing work they’re proud of, but on their own terms. They care as much about the lifestyle as the financial upside. 

If this profile fits the people you’re trying to reach, let’s chat.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Featured Sponsorship
Workshops & Events Sponsorships
I’ve done sponsored multi-day virtual summits—e.g., Fix Your Pricing Masterclass—as well as shorter 60-90 minute workshops.

Featured Sponsor

What you’ll Get
  • 2 ads (newsletters spaced two weeks apart)
  • You provide a short paragraph of copy, which I’ll tweak to sound more like me, and 1 link. 
    - Note: If I can also work a more casual mention into the newsletter article, I will.
    - Also note: If we have enough lead time, I’ll also share what I’ve written in advance.
  • Your Logo
  • Call to Action


$1,500 & up
What you’ll Get
  • I show up as a subject matter expert and teach on a topic firmly in my wheelhouse: everything from pricing and money mindset to the importance of clearly defined process for scaling a business you love. We can flesh this out beforehand, and I’ll customize the training based on your target audience
  • I promote this workshop to my audience, and you’ll obviously use this opportunity to get in front of your audience as well.
  • You use the workshop itself, replay, and key points and takeaways to fuel your content marketing. 
  • I share the replay in my next newsletter and include an explicit call to action to check out your product or service. 


$5,000 & up
What you’ll Get
  • Your logo goes on all the promo materials.
  • If I’m emceeing the event, I explicitly thank you, the sponsor, and deliver a call to action at the beginning and end of each day.
  • I dedicate a full newsletter after the event to explaining the business case for the sponsor’s product or service. When possible, I use stories and examples from my own use of the product or service to reinforce certain points. For example, here’s the newsletter I wrote for ConvertKit after they sponsored my Fix Your Pricing Masterclass (virtual summit). In the email, I made a case for why I think every freelancer should leverage email marketing. 
  • Optional: After the event, I promote a “bonus” workshop where we go deeper into that business / use case. Someone from your team will be the co-host, and the call to action at the end of the training would send people to your product or service.

Maybe this should go without saying, but my team will be happy to use your unique tracking links,

and send your numbers, screenshots, and analysis afterward.

Got some cool ideas for a custom sponsorship package that aligns more with your goals?

Shoot me an email at hello@freelancecake.com

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