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24 Things That Matter More to Freelance Clients Than Saving Money

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October 20, 2023

In a competitive marketplace there’s always someone who will sell a project for a stupid, unsustainable price. Or for free!

Oddly enough, free can be an excellent strategy if you play your cards right. Legendary identity designer Paul Rand gained international attention and acclaim for covers of Direction magazine that he created for free, the kicker being that he had full artistic freedom. Nicolas Cole would tell you the ROI is infinite.

Proceed with caution. Someone asking for free work (big red flag) is different from you offering because you see the opportunity to form important relationships and beef up your portfolio.

Back to the discussion at hand: There’s always someone who charges less. You can’t win the race to the bottom.

Have you ever gotten a spam text message offering a $9.99 logo offer? Yeah, that’s the pricing limbo game some freelancers are willing to play. “How low can you go?! How low can you go?!”

$9.99 Logo Text

Smart freelancers stand up, dust off their hands, and say, “Nope. Not gonna.” We don’t try to compete based on price. We don’t try to turn our taste, talent, expertise, and problem-solving aptitude into a “good deal.”

And we certainly don’t let our own budget constraints lead us to believe that every potential client’s top priority is saving money.

What represents a significant sum for you may be a small line item for a value-conscious client, and many things are more important to some clients than saving money.

Here are 24 things of them:

  1. Working with a subject matter expert who won’t have a learning curve
  2. Working with a known authority with a proven track record
  3. Achieving a very specific result in a predictable timeframe
  4. Getting it done faster with minimal oversight required
  5. Avoiding delays, embarrassment, and hassles
  6. Clear, copious, consistent communication
  7. Client education / training / resources
  8. Personal responsibility for mistakes
  9. Specialization / domain expertise
  10. Promises kept & deadlines met
  11. Creating clarity & confidence
  12. Effective project management
  13. Memorable client experience
  14. Your network / relationships
  15. Easier or better packaging
  16. Personality & humor
  17. Long-term value
  18. Mitigation of risk
  19. Better strategy
  20. Proven process
  21. High quality
  22. Leadership
  23. Simplicity
  24. Fun

Your competitors are going to do whatever they’re going to do. Ignore their prices, and the rest of the freelance market doing the funky chicken limbo on stilts on ice. It’s crazy and unsustainable, and someone’s going to get hurt.

A meme of real vs fake Mona Lisa

The true predictors of what you can charge are what you believe about money, your reputation or authority, the right niche, having the swagger to name the price that’s right for you, building the right offers around what your clients value beyond a lower price, and having the gumption to deliver.

Swagger matters more than “the competition,” my friends.

Your job isn’t to be competitive with your prices but to charge commensurate to the value you create, without lowering prices or piling on more stuff.

Your clients aren’t going to wake up one day, and say, “You know, I really ought to pay her more.” To get the audacious project fee, you must ask for it.

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